Mini Life
When our minis aren't hard at work making people smile, they are sleeping and eating in a barn at night and graze and play in the pasture during the day, just like horses should!

Some of the minis love to play with toys and balls, in addition to running and playing in the pasture!

All our horses come in at night and during rainy weather, keeping them dry in an environment with fans when hot or heaters/blankets if the weather is bitter cold, to help provide good health. We strive to give the best of care to our four-legged friends. All the horses enjoy the comfort of having their own stall with clean shavings, fresh water, in addition to hay and feed. Their stalls are mucked daily.

The horses have regular vaccinations and vet visits, as well as dental visits to make sure they stay healthy, just like you! And about every 6 weeks they get their hooves trimmed. Proper care and management are essential to maintain healthy and happy animals.