Mini Hooves of Love


Hope came to us from friends in Oklahoma. Just so we can get it out of the way, Hope is not the smallest horse.  Yes, she was born at the same height as the "recorded" smallest horse and she weighed more than the "recorded" smallest horse.  Yes, the smallest horse was reported to be 20" at five months of age while Hope is still under 20" at one year. Hope just doesn't have the "recorded" size and she never will be "recorded", as per our choice.  She's a therapy horse, and doesn't need the notoriety of all that.  Hope is a dwarf and will always be small.  Fortunately, so far, we have been very blessed in that she has had no health problems.


Hope has a wonderful personality and is very accustomed to being indoors for extended periods of time.  She has yet to meet a stranger and enjoys her petting sessions. Hope is a registered therapy horse with Pet Partners.


We are looking forward to great adventures with Itty Bitty Hope.