Mini Hooves of Love


Monarch has clip clopped his little hooves through a local nursing home many times, makes monthly visits to Ronald McDonald House Dallas and Cook Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth, visits the children at Texas Scottish Rite Children's Hospital, visited children's events at a shelter for the homeless, a children's hospital farm day and participated in a Christmas parade for an adult rehab for brain injuries facility. Monarch is registered for pet therapy by Pet Partners for Complex situations..


His sire is a multiple AMHA & AMHR World champion in jumping to a height of 42 inches and Monarch loves to jump too. Monarch was small when he foaled and because his mother was very ill had to be weaned at a very early age which slowed down his growth but had lots of hands on attention and he loved it ... and still does. We met him at the Gaitapalooza event in 2012 getting off the trailer and going right to work letting everyone love on him - we brought him home with us. He was only 23 inches at the time but has grown to be 31 inches currently.