Abby Lawson

About Abby

  • Position: Volunteer Coordinator/Special Events Co-Chair
  • Volunteer Since: April 2019

Things I love

What you do for MHOL: I am the volunteer coordinator for MHOL! I run the volunteer program and  new volunteers get started with MHOL by training them on the roles and responsibilities at  MHOL. I also assist with all continued education for current volunteers. I am here to help support all members of the MHOL organization.

Why you volunteer: I’ve been a part of Animal Assisted Therapy with Pet Partners since 2015. I’ve LOVED and grown up with dogs & horses my whole life! After returning home from college I decided I was ready to train my first therapy dog. I began traveling & taking my dog with me for training purposes.   She has been registered for the last 4 years and I’ve been making visits. Emery, my therapy dog, will turn 9 on November 30th of this year and is ending a great therapy career, so when I had the wonderful encounter of meeting Jim & Linda it only felt natural to start taking my passion for volunteering to miniature horses.

Favorite part of volunteering: To be honest when I began my therapy career I simply wanted the satisfaction of being told I had a big & beautiful dog! How small of me! I was the first therapy dog team allowed to begin visits at Las Colinas Medical Center (now Medical City Las Colinas) and was overjoyed. The first couple times being greeted by staff with the biggest smiles & loving embraces made me feel like a rockstar! But after regular visits and interacting with patients & patient’s families I started to truly feel in my heart the impact I was giving back to them. It became less about me and more about what Emery could do for the people she was visiting, I was simply the hand on the end of the lead rope following her to work miracles. Once you begin volunteer therapy work your heart will never forget the pure happiness you brought upon someone simply for letting them pet your dog during a tough time.

Favorite Horse & Why: The definition of favorite is preferred before all others of the same kind. There is not one horse who I favor over the other because they are all unique in their own way! Each of the five horses have their own therapy personality, their own individual personality, and then their own herd personality. This isn’t your basic episode of friends with Chandler being the funniest, Joey being the goofiest, or Rachel being the hot one. If you asked me which horse do I see and instantly want to cuddle up with!? That’s Ms. Hope! Watching her on visits she is the sweetest, gentle little soul! And she even has a little heart shape spot of her bottom! But you watch her in the pasture or at feeding time and she will quickly remind those big rowdy boys whose BOSS!

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