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Founded by Jim and Linda Woods in 2011, Mini Hooves of Love is a 501(c)3 organization that brings programs using Registered Therapy Animal teams to hospitals, children’s hospitals, schools, senior and memory care units, camps, shelters, and hospice locations. We are passionate about our mini horses and the way they can improve the lives of people – both young and old. Our minis horse teams are registered through Pet Partners, the gold standard in therapy animal programs and handler registration. Through our commitment to training, all of our minis have tested and achieved the highest rating of Complex. Our handlers complete extensive training and background checks before being independently evaluated for skills and knowledge.

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Please note that while we enjoy bringing joy to others with our miniature horses, we are not a birthday party organization.

Our Programs

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animals bring warmth and contentment into a place (like hospitals) where ordinarily touch is invasive or not pleasant. There is more laughter and interaction among residents and staff when animals are present, and often family members also come to visit on pet therapy day.

Just Say WHOA® to Bullying

This program takes a unique approach to teaching bullying prevention by using mini horses to help children recognize and respect the differences in one another. Children learn acceptance, tolerance, respect and understanding of others.

read with me

Our mini therapy horses are an incentive, a motivational tool, and a non-judgmental listener – all in one. Get kids excited about your lesson plans, classroom activities, or your library’s reading program when you invite a certified trainer and their mini-horse.

Public Safety Visits

Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, EMT’s and Dispatchers are people too! We love to visit Public Safety departments and organizations to let them know there is still love in the world! We visit stations, family day outings, and other events to support our First Responders

Walk with me

Looking for a way to promote health and well being in your organization or school? Did you know that people who walk with an animal are more likely to meet physical activity recommendations? Our mini horses love to be walked! Teach better physical fitness and raise awareness when you walk next to our mini horses!

Corporate Wellness

Adults need love too! When workers spend a few minutes with our minis, their hearts melt a little, their blood pressure goes down a bit, and for just a little while the experience that child-like love and feelings of happiness. Sometimes that’s all they need to take a quick breath, and get ready to endure the stressors of the day.

Community Appearances

Meet the horses that change the world through love. We make appearances at select public events throughout the year. Check out our calendar to see where we are going to be.




With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

Sometimes we need someone to simply be there, not to fix anything or do anything in particular, but just to let us feel that we are supported and cared about.

Mini hooves of love

Our Approach

It has been proven that touch is a very important aspect in the nourishment of the human mind. There are, however, some instances where touch from another human is considered unacceptable for whatever emotional or psychological reason, but the touch of an animal is welcomed. Animals bring warmth and contentment into a place (like hospitals) where ordinarily touch is invasive or not pleasant. Studies show that nursing homes and assisted living housing communities can benefit greatly from pets as therapy animals. Not only does petting an animal reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, it also encourages socialization. There is more laughter and interaction among residents and staff when animals are present, and often family members also come to visit on pet therapy day.

Miniature horses are well accepted by young and old alike and they are non-judgmental and accepting of all kinds of people, in almost any situation


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