Kelly Patterson

About Kelly

  • Position: Treasurer/board Member
  • Volunteer Since: 2014

Things I love

My first experience with a horse was in Girl Scouts. At camp, horseback riding was one of my favorite activities and did it as often as possible. I have been captivated with horses for a long time. Our family bought our first horses when I was around 14. My favorite was a quarter horse named Irish. He was extremely patient and helped me learn a lot about horses and what it meant to care for a horse, showing me what an undeniable love a horse can give. The other horse, Raja, an Arabian was very high spirited and taught me that I was not ready for his type of personality. But I dreamed of the idea of owning a miniature horse farm when I grew up. With my still limited knowledge of horses, I imagined them roaming around my home and property like large dogs, coming and going out of the house as they pleased.

Though I was never able to start my own horse ranch, my parents (Jim and Linda Woods), decided in 2006 to do just that. They started off with 3 quarter horses and moved to a bigger place in the country so they could have the horses close by. Soon after, I joined them and helped to take care of these beautiful animals, which taught me even more. After a scary accident with my Mom and her horse and many ER visits with my Dad, it was decided to go with slower pace (and already broke) horses. The 3 quarter horses all went on to great homes. Not long after they got 2 trail riding horses but due to a previous back injury, I only rode around the property a few times. My love for them was great, but I preferred to keep my feet on the ground. Then they bought their first 3 miniature horses. My parents began showing them and lets just say that we fell in love with them instantly. While at a show they made their first ever therapy visit and that was it, the call was heard. With the mini’s taking up majority of their time, it wasn’t fair to the wonderful trail riding horses, so we decided to make the decision to permanently downsize.

In 2011, my vision became a reality, though not in the way I imaged. It’s much, much better. That is when Mini Hooves of Love Miniature Therapy Horses was born. One can not truly explain or express what it is like to be witness to the extraordinary things that happen every time any of our 5 horses meet children, the disabled, the elderly or first responders. Being a volunteer has changed my life. Watching the smiles and joy on the faces of those who need it most, is deeply heartwarming and therapeutic to me as well.

Right now, I am only able to help with big events, such as Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children’s Farm and Ranch Day, North Texas Giving Day, parades, and a few other events. I also help to keep the mini’s backpacks filled with cards and supplies along with their equipment (vest, halters, shoes and such) in addition to the bookkeeping for the non-profit. Though I would love to go on more visits I work with my Mother (Linda Woods), at a small medical office, and it is difficult to both take off at the same time.

Living my dream in the most amazing way possible. Sharing these beautiful mini’s with others and doing it with my parents. Enjoying the peacefulness the country provides is another plus. Life is most fulfilling.

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