Our Team

Both 2-legged and 4-legged members

Our Horses

Our miniatures go through training continuously so that they can adapt to any given situation. Not all horses are cut out for this kind of work – it takes a special temperament. Click on the profiles below to learn more about each horse.


Monarch has clip clopped his little hooves into the lives of hundreds of children and adults, and especially babies in strollers He brings a special kind of love with smiles and laughter.


Hope has brought her tiny dwarf heart into some of the biggest places, the hearts of the children. She never meets a stranger as long as they give her lots of hugs and kisses.


Faith quietly goes about doing her job of bringing smiles and joy. Giving each struggling person she meets the ability to go forward one more time in search of healing.


Hero is constantly looking for those who are also heroes as they face the sometimes long, hard road of healing and recovery. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, even dwarf miniature horses.


Valor has the honor of seeing so many outstanding people in all walks of life and life situations. He takes the time to give them honor while providing the smiles and courage to try one more time.

Our Humans

Although the horses are the stars of the show, our hard working 2-legged staff are amazing as well. We couldn’t run the organization without them! (After all, horses can’t drive… yet!)

Jim Woods


Linda Woods


Kelly Patterson

Treasurer/Secretary/Board Member

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