Linda Woods

About Linda

  • Position: Co-Founder, Handler
  • Volunteer Since: 2012

About Me

Horses have been a part of my life and heart since I as a little girl. I had a naughty shetland as a child, then a half quarter horse in high school, then another quarter horse and Arabian as an adult in my early 30’s before getting 3 weanling quarter horses in 2006 and on to 2 trail horses before settling in with miniatures! 

While at a show  in 2011, we noticed that the nursing home across the road had some residents that said they would love to see the minis up close and we volunteered to take over one of ours. To see the smiles on their faces and the laughter set the wheels in motion. We had to start visiting with our minis! 

We went primarily to nursing homes/assisted living until we became registered with Pet Partners in 2012 with Monarch and then ventured out to Children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses. With the addition of 4 more therapy horses over the years, each tested and registered Complex with Pet Partners, we are able to go and do more visits and expand our programs into hospice visits, programs for disabled children and adults, and one that is dear to my heart – the JUST SAY WHOA TO BULLYING program focusing on character building and many others. We love volunteers to spread the joy we feel. We believe in teamwork and would love to have more join us.

Choosing a favorite horse would be like asking me to choose a favorite child. Each have a different personality and touch me in their own special way. The joy and happiness that we see when we visit the children in medical care or the elderly who need a lift in life is unmeasurable.  If we can make help a person forget their discomfort or sadness for a little while, or encourage someone to walk or talk, it thrills me deep in my soul. To make a difference in a child’s life to stop bullying, whether they are the one being targeted or the ones doing it, can only make the world a better place. We emphasize being kind to one another and give back when you can.

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